Wanted! Monty Mole:

Believe or not I'm still keeping an eye on Monty Mole. Yesterday I had a play with the code and cleaned a few niggly bits up. I'm hoping to spend a little time, everynow and then getting each screen working, in the order they appear during the game. I've noticed that the later screens have the block table index all wrong so Monty goes through the wrong blocks and doesn't seem to want to climb 'ropes'.

Remember if anybody wants to contribute I am always willing, just email me on the given address.

  Monty can now stand on top of the killer objects, allowing him to ride the carts. However it sets the death flag, so some tweaking to do there!
  After a long delay, I'm back on the project.
The last couple of days I have been tidying up the project source code and directory structure. This is now available on the CVS Repository to download, currently it only contains an MSVC project. A Linux makefile will follow.

I have managed to give Monty Mole the ability to swing from the pipes, as needed in some of the later rooms. My next job is to add all the little extras like jumping on top of the carts and the falling water in the shower room.

  I'm afraid the Mont Mole project is on hold for now, due to having a very busy lifestyle. Work has taken off in a big way so most of my programming time is used up there. However if someone feels the need to add the finishing touches to my work, feel free to contact me. I can add the relevent source and data to Source Forge and give any pointers needed.  

Monty Mole source code is now available at Sourceforge.com

SourceForge CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. The module you wish to check out must be specified as the modulename. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.montymole.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/montymole login

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.montymole.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/montymole co mm
Updates from within the module's directory do not need the -d parameter.

I will be updating my CVS account regular. Anyone wanting to help debug or develop Monty Mole can contact me on the above address or through sourceForge.


I'm having a break for a couple of weeks so there will not be any updates in that time...


I have started to tweak the levels. Not all of the data has converted properly, so I am going through it by hand and altering any problems.

Today I have cleaned up room 10 which some of the killers were out of place.

  25/03/02 - V1.2.7  
  Here is another demo to keep you monty molers happy. I've put most of room 2C together, although the squirrel is playing up. I've added some extra data structures. One allows me to add events onto each room. One of which is the picking up of the bucket, which angers the miner.... montymoleV127.zip - Win32 (Windows 9x/ME/2K)
  I found that Monty was bumping into disabled objects. This meant on some screens, when a helper object had been collected, it would be used up for no reason.. So I have managed to clean this up. I want to release another demo, but I really want to get the first room working properly....  
  Yesterday I noticed that we had no graphics for Monty hanging or dying. So Ric came to the rescue and has put his usual artist streak across some more bitmaps. I'm now looking at making the walls disappear when the right amount of walls have been collected. This, along with the water is one of the partly hardcoded data in the game, so I'm making up my own data for this.
  07/03/02 - V1.2.6  
  I have added collection of helper objects which will allow you to collide with one killer... Oh and you can stand on the sliders.
However there does seem to be a bug which allows Monty to slide off sometimes
Enjoy :)
montymoleV126.zip - Win32 (Windows 9x/ME/2K)
  27/02/02 - V1.2.5  
  Todays release sees Monty being able to go from room to room. Also he can pick up the coals.... Ric has completed the helper objects, so they are all looking polished :)
montymoleV125.zip - Win32 (Windows 9x/ME/2K)
  Firstly, Ric has pointed out that he couldn't quit Monty, without using the taskmanager. Sorry that was my fault, SDL doesn't automatically capture mouse clicks on the 'X' close icon. So in my lazyness I always program the 'ESC' key to quit. So anyone having trouble, just press the 'ESC' key.
I'm still squeezing in 5 minutes here and there to improve Monty's movements. This seems to be taking longer than usual, but once out the way it should hopefully be plain sailing from then on....
  Things are a bit slow this week, what with having to do proper paid work. But hopefully I should have some more code by next week.
Ric is steaming ahead with the graphics, so I'll put all if that together with the next demo.
OH, and a special thanks to John Devoy who pointed out that all my dates were for 2001... Thanks John, it always took me several months to get use to the date :)
  11/02/02 - Bitmap update..  
  We now have an artist, Ric Lumb
He is currently working on the graphics for Monty Mole, some of which I have added to the the last build.
montymoleBMPV2.zip - Windows & Linux.
You need to have Monty Mole V1.2.4 (272K) to run these. Unzip the Bitmaps into your 'data' folder.
  30/01/02 - V1.2.4  
  Todays release sees Monty running across the sliding floors. Although there are some problems with general floor detection and rope climbing...
montymoleV124.zip - Win32 (Windows 9x/ME/2K)

I've done a quick compile for Linux (x86). I can't guarantee much, but I got it going on my set-up (Redhat, KDE).
montymoleV1241.zip - Linux (Intel x86)
  28/02/02 - V1.2.3  
  Whoops! As some of you may have found out, this version gave a fatal error.
This was due to me leaving in a call to the code which loads in the original .z80 file and converts the data. Since the zip never had the z80 file, it bombed. Shows how much my code needs cleaning up.... Take heed all you learners out there, always trap your errors.
Anyway it has now been cleaned. So please try again here!
Thanks once again Hitman...
  25/02/02 - V1.2.3  
  Hitman (Retro Remakes), has smoothed the edgs of some of the bitmaps, giving me some nice working graphics. Cheers Hitman.
Monty can now climb up and down the ropes.
The Spacebar still allows you to skip to the next room.